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Why You Should NEVER Renew Etsy Listings (This Works Better!)

When I first started selling on Etsy, I came across an important decision: whether to set my listings to auto-renew or manually renew them. Unlike other marketplaces where listings are free, Etsy charges 20 cents for each listing. So, it's crucial to consider whether it's worth paying that fee every time the listing renews.

For sellers like me who create digital art designs or engage in print-on-demand, where I generate hundreds or even thousands of designs, those 20 cents can add up quickly. It's especially important during the initial phase when I'm testing different designs to understand what works and what doesn't. Gathering data and feedback is essential to making informed decisions about which products to list more of.

That's why, in the beginning, I highly recommend avoiding auto-renewing all your listings. Doing so would significantly increase your business expenses, repeatedly renewing listings that may never sell again. Instead, I have a different approach that has been cost-effective and efficient for me.

To manually renew your listings, start by going to your store page. Scroll down to view all your sales (chances are, you won't have thousands of sales initially, so this process won't take too long). Right-click on each sold listing and open it in a new tab. You can do this page by page to keep things organized and manageable.