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The Cure for Slow Sales on Facebook Marketplace

Today we’re going to cover how to jump start your facebook marketplace sales.

If you've sold on facebook marketplace, you've definitely faced slow sales at some point….it’s just part of it.

And so, it’s important to understand how to “trick” the algorithm into bringing more sales back to your account.

The reason my sales have been so consistent month over month….is NOT because I NEVER have slow sales from time to time. It actually happens frequently.

The trick is to know what to do when that happens and understand what specific actions to take in order to bring more people to your listings.

In fact, it’s rare that I have consistent daily sales month in and month out.

What typically happens is I’ll have great sales for a week. Then my sales might drop off for a day or two…..and that’s my signal to go “uh oh…time to get the ball rolling again.”

Now, before we get into it, this assumes you have a decent amount of products up already. If you don’t, then your problem is NOT that your sales are slow….it’s that you don’t have even close to enough products up to get sales consistently in the first place.

So, if that’s you….then LIST MORE. Period.

Not you? Okay cool, then the issue you’re facing is visibility.

If you look at your insights, you’ll notice a sharp drop off the last 7 days in your listing views.

So, how do you get more views and more visibility on your listings? Because if no one is seeing your listings… can’t possibly make sales, right?