Textbook Season is here...

Spring textbook season is here (Mid December - Early February). For those of you that don't know, that's when College students go back to class & need to purchase books for their new courses.

The majority of those book sales come in the first few weeks of January, but books sell for higher prices & with higher sales velocity the entirety of that window.

Now is literally the best time to start stocking up on your book inventory so you can resell them for ridiculous profits...because students will literally pay ANYTHING to get the book they need.

And the reality is, most don't care what they're paying for it because their parents are footing the bill.

That means it's an incredible opportunity for you to make some money flipping books. Here's how...

While most people go out & "source" books from physical stores like Bookstores & Goodwills, I'd prefer to sit in front of my laptop in the comfort of my own home & source there. I'm guessing you would too.

You can use a software like eFlip to find amazingly low priced books that have high sales velocities (low Best Seller Ranks) on Amazon already. You can also do all your research ahead of time to ensure you're making profitable buys.

I've created several tutorials on how to use the eFlip software to find & purchase these books. You can check them out here if you want to make some money.

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