Take Perfect Product Pictures & Add White Background with this Free App called "Photobooth"

One of the biggest challenged resellers face is taking good product pictures with clean white backgrounds.

Sure, if you're getting items that already have listings somewhere online...or maybe even ones you can find stock pictures of on google, then you can simply use those pictures & descriptions for yours.

However, more often than not, when you have a profitable item to resell, it might have been purchased from a thrift store, or a garage sale, or maybe even a liquidation pallet online. Most of the time those types of items don't come with corresponding listings you can take the stock photos off of.

That means you need to learn how to take your own high quality pictures. Because make no mistake, the picture is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any listing. Sure, the title, or the description, or maybe even the specs will help give your item more visibility & traffic, but ultimately the product pictures are what will entice customers to buy....or not.

So your ability to take high quality white background photos of your items very quickly is crucial. Any top reseller will tell you that.

In the past you would either need an expensive lightbox that you could place the item in or you would need high quality photography paper for a backdrop & good lights.

Those things are no longer necessary now thanks to a brand new app. That app is 100% free too!

It's called "photoroom" & you can find it on the app store (I believe it's only for IOS, but it could have an android version as well).

This app has been a complete game changer for me & I know it will be for you too.

It allows you to take a picture with any background ANYWHERE. Then simply uses machine learning technology to wipe the background out of the photo & apply a white backdrop. Boom, reselling revolutionized.

Major props to whoever developed this app because they identified a major problem all arbitrage sellers face (an expensive & annoying barrier to entry for high quality photos...on top of the time wasted), then they created a solution.

Here's an example of how the app works...

You can see the before image with the normal background below.

And after putting it through the app, the background is removed & you're left with a perfect white background & quality photo for your listing.

I highly recommend that you check this app out. It's completely changed the game for resellers everywhere. Regardless of whether you're listing on Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, or Mercari.

If you'd like to watch a video breakdown of me using this app & showing you how it works, you can do so directly below.

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