Sell Online from Outside the US

Can you sell on Amazon from outside the US? Can you do online arbitrage from outside the US? These are questions I get asked a lottttt. So I figured I'd cover this once & for all. This article is mainly geared toward online arbitrage sellers, but you can take the insight in it & apply it to any form of online selling.

So what are the two main ways to make money with Online Arbitrage from outside the US?

1) Source specifically for your local marketplace. Because I don't know specifically where you live & everyone will be from different countries, I recommend searching for sites that you can source to your location from.

If you live near a major Amazon marketplace, then you're in luck because sites like Extreme Rebate (among others I cover in the free tutorials on my Channel) will have deals specifically for your amazon marketplace & chances are you can get free & very cheap products delivered to your door. Then, you can simply resell those products back on your local marketplaces for a profit.

2) Perhaps the best way...and the way that will work NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, is to simply use a prep center. This works for Amazon, eBay, Mercari, & Poshmark.

If you plan to resell back on Amazon, then you want to google about 5-10 "Amazon FBA US Prep Centers", get a price quote from each one, & then go with the one that's the most helpful & the cheapest. DON'T just contact 1 or 2 (a big mistake lazy people make).

I've seen prep centers charge anywhere from 20 cents per unit to $3 per unit. The sweet spot tends to be about 50 cents per unit to about $1.50 per unit.

Some prep centers will just receive, store, label your products, & initiate shipments to amazon for you. But you'll need to do everything yourself from seller central to send into FBA.

You'll also need to email them the labels to put on your products, as well as the labels to put on the boxes they need to ship to Amazon FBA Warehouses.

Or, some prep centers (ideal ones in my opinion) will sign into your amazon seller central account for you. They'll then "receive," manage your products pre-fba, label them for you, initiate your shipments for you in seller central, & ship them out for you. Basically, they'll do EVERYTHING for you. Obviously, these prep centers tend to charge a little bit more per unit, but it's worth it in my opinion.

To allow them to use your Seller Central, you'll need to give them access to your account in the backend of seller central by giving them an access key (not hard to do - google it if you need to).

If you're planning on selling on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, or somewhere else that's not Amazon, then your main issue is warehouse storage & customer distribution. Again, this is easy to solve with a prep center too. You simply need to google prep centers that are more geared toward eBay Sellers.

But that, in a nutshell, is how you can do online arbitrage from outside the US. If you'd like to watch a tutorial video on this, you can do so directly below.

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