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Poshmark Dropshipping is EXPLODING right now

Dropshipping on poshmark has been absolutely EXPLODING as of late.

I’ve been dropshipping on poshmark for about 2 years now…and ever since I scaled it up, I’ve been averaging almost $1,000 profit every month on the platform.

But since the start of September (with Q4 demand approaching), my poshmark sales have pretty much doubled.

Now, will $2,000 a month make you a millionaire? No.

But, that amount of money can be life changing for A LOT of people.

In todays’ article I’m going to break down how to PROPERLY dropship on poshmark, as well as give you my entire formula on how I approach this (literally from a to z) so you can replicate exactly what I’m doing (and hopefully get similar results).

The great thing about poshmark is a lot of it can be automated with software.

And just like dropshipping anywhere else, you don’t need to purchase large sums of inventory ahead of time. You ONLY have to purchase products AFTER you get a sale…and AFTER you’re guaranteed to profit. And You can leverage other people logics and inventory.

The main issue with dropshipping on poshmark is that to be successful long term you need to use their shipping labels. This is both a drawback, but also a benefit.

Unlike dropshipping on other sites, you can’t simply facilitate the transaction remotely (by ordering it directly to the customer and then giving them the tracking number).

You need to order it to yourself first….then use the poshmark label (and either drop it off at your local post office, in one of those blue bins, or have your mailman take it).

And yes…that adds another step in the process (and it adds your time to the equation).