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Outsource your eCommerce Business to Virtual Assistants (Complete Blueprint)

In todays video we’re going to cover my experience building a 6 figure dropshipping business and how I was able to scale the business using only overseas Virtual Assistants (VAs).

We’ll specifically cover…

  • Why it’s important (even vital) to outsource

  • How to know when you’re acutally ready to outsource

  • How to go about finding good people to bring on (and where to look for them)

  • How to pay your virtual assistants

  • How to communicate with your VAs

  • How to train your VAs

  • How to make sure your Virtual Assistants are actually doing the work you’re paying them for

If you’re already doing well with dropshipping, outsourcing is super crucial because it lets you buy back your time so you can work ON your business and not IN it.

And if you’re just starting, having this blueprint will really help you when you’re ready to take that next step and bring someone on to take over certain parts of it.

The truth is you can hit 6 figures dropshipping on your own, but if you want to accelerate this process, I highly recommend outsourcing certain aspects of this business….and building a team.

I currently have 3 full time VAs (Virtual Assistants) that help manage my dropshipping business for me.

Why is it important to outsource?

Bringing someone on to help is a no brainer if you’re business is ready for it. Most entrepreneurs pride themselves on being hard working…and also tend to be control freaks so they typically struggle with letting go and giving other people permission to take over (I certainly did….literally for years).