Is Coupon Arbitrage on Amazon Dead?

Coupon Arbitrage for those of you that don't know is a specific form of Arbitrage that used to be extremely lucrative on Amazon.

In short, it involved purchasing Amazon products for pennies on the dollar on coupon sites. Then shipping those products back into Amazon, relisting them on the same listing as before & slightly under cutting the buybox, then collecting the sale.

This was such an easy way to make money just 2 years ago.

Just like any business though, Private Label Sellers started to adjust. They figured out that because Amazon is such a customer obsessed marketplace, they could leverage that to their advantage to compete with coupon arbitrage sellers.

Private Label sellers began filing false IP claims for intellectual property they didn't actually own the rights to. They began filing fake inauthentic claims against the other sellers that would show up on their listings, & they would file fake trademark infringement claims with the same exact approach.

Being customer obsessed, Amazon became a "shoot first & ask questions later" marketplace...meaning they would simply hit you with a strike against your seller account for receiving a claim. Then it became up to you to prove you did indeed have the correct item you were claiming to list, which of course you would have.

The main issue with this though, is to achieve any sort of scale with this business model, you would need to buy so many different coupon products from so many different sellers (not hard at all) that you ran a very very high risk of getting too many claims on your account at once before you could prove to Amazon that you did actually have the correct items & the rights to sell them.

...And now here we are.

So, is coupon arbitrage dead? Yes & no. It's dead in the sense that I don't recommend simply scaling up like you used to be able to a few years ago & ONLY reselling those items back on Amazon. But, there is another approach to...

One that you can scale, comes with no risk of false claims, & still allows you to buy great items with high quality listings & pictures. If you want to see my new approach to coupon arbitrage, watch the video directly below. I've created a 13 minute video tutorial that will walk you through everything you need to know.

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