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Improve Dropshipping Listings with these 5 Things

When creating a listing (whether dropshipping or reselling), what’s the most important thing to focus on in order to get more sales?

Should you stuff your listing full of keywords? Long titles? Short titles? White background images or lifestyle images? Does social proof matter? You get the picture…

In this article we’re going to break down the 5 most important things you can do to get more views (and ultimately more sales) on your listings.

#1 - The Product

The best product in the world with a terrible listing will still sell. But just the same, the worst product in the world with the most optimized listing, won’t ever sell.

The easiest thing you can do to ensure more sales….is do more product research and list IN DEMAND products that are proven to sell. Then, everything else that comes along with listing optimization will actually help.

#2 - Product pictures (especially the cover image that customers see first)

The main image is single handedly the most important thing within your listing. It can grab the potential buyer’s attention….or not.

And if your listing doesn’t stand out among all the others (or even if you’re using the same exact image as every other product you’re competing against), you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get sales.

On the contrary though, if you have high quality product images that pop (especially your main one…you’ll sell a lot easier. Your main image should grab attention, but it should ALSO convey exactly what the product is in a split second or two. You only have a few seconds to explain to the buyer what exactly it is that they’re buying and make it look valuable. You do that with your main picture.

Then, after you get the click (and the buyer is on the listing) that’s when added lifestyle photos and product features can help sway an on the fence buyer. But they’ll never get to that point if your main image doesn’t intrigue them enough.

#3 - Title