Important Lesson for "Winners"​

So, here's today's lesson in Success, Business, Entrepreneurship, & just life in general...

Don't be someone that gets "triggered" by things you disagree with. Focus on what YOU'RE doing in YOUR life to better YOURSELF. That's what winners do.

This post was brought to life by the picture below. Please check out the numbered points below to see my perspective on it. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

1) Our Country is great because we're allowed to disagree. If someone disagrees with one of your viewpoints, that doesn't make them a bad person. It's simply either an opportunity to educate them on your perspective...or an opportunity to learn something new.

2) Don't get caught up in identity politics. One opinion doesn't define someone.

3) This flag sells well for me because the people that buy it are making an emotional purchase. People buy based off of emotion & they use logic & reason to justify their purchase.

4) I don't care about politics. It's just my personal opinion. I prefer to focus on what I can control in my own life. I'm not saying certain talking points aren't important. But I am saying that by focusing too much of my energy on these things, it takes away from the finite attention & energy I have to build my own dreams.

5) Don't be someone that flags comments or listings like this just because you disagree. Those types of people will really struggle to see any level of success or growth because they're literally shutting out other ideas. They're naively assuming they already know all the answers.

6) Avoid negativity in general. Focus on positive things you have control over. Focus on what you can do today to move closer to your goals.

7) Have a great freakin' day!


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