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I Learned These eCommerce Lessons the Hard Way…So You Don’t Have to

Updated: Jan 16

Last year was by far my most profitable year ever. So in this article we’re going to cover the most important lessons I learned last year in eCommerce.

I learned all of these the hard way…so hopefully you can use this video to make sure YOU don’t have to.

The first lesson I learned was I was thinking way too small. For a while I was in my own little bubble doing Online Arbitrage & Wholesale part time.

Then I stumbled on dropshipping and it really opened my eyes to the earning potential of eCommerce.

I was able to scale Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping & Amazon Dropshipping way past what I had ever done before.

So much so that I literally had to shut my stores off for 2 weeks b/c I couldn’t keep up with the cashflow and I needed to wait to get paid out.

A good problem to have….no doubt. But if I had been thinking bigger from the jump, I wouldn’t have faced this issue. I would’ve been ready when it happened.

The second lesson I learned was not to put all your eggs in one basket and not to rely solely on one platform for all your revenue.

I should’ve already known this b/c it’s happened to me time and time again on Amazon when I would get suspended and my revenue would come to a screeching halt.

But for some reason, that lesson escaped me last year again.

I was seeing so much success with Facebook Marketplace and Facebook shops, that I put everything else on the backburner and really jumped into those.