How to Start & Scale a Profitable Online Reselling Business

Today we're going to talk about how I run a profitable reselling business right from my computer (and how you can too).

Now, my business is setup to have 2 different sides to it. The first side focuses on 2 forms on online arbitrage/reselling. Those two forms are cashback & coupon arbitrage.

This side requires less risk, less money to start, & is much easier for beginners to grasp. That said, it's difficult to scale up (but can be done over time with more inventory) & you need to do all the logistics, shipping, & fulfillment yourself, along with customer service.

The second side of the business is the more scalable side. That side focuses on Book Reselling Arbitrage, Bulk Deal Arbitrage, Liquidation Arbitrage, & Wholesale.

The reason this is so scalable is because I buy these products with the intention of reselling them back on Amazon under specific product listings. That means I get to leverage Amazon FBA & Amazon's distribution, warehouse storage, employees, customer service, etc...

That also means I can get information ahead of time on what the exact demand is for these items, what they're selling for on Amazon, if they're profitable, if they're good buys & worth my time, & how deep to buy into specific inventory.

The downside of this side of the business is it's a lot more capital intensive (you need to spend more money to get quality inventory) & you often need to wait a bit of time before you get your money back. But if you can afford to wait a little bit, your ROI's (return on investment) will be much higher.

Both are great ways to do Online Arbitrage. And depending on what your goals are & what you enjoy, you could use them both like I do.

If you want to check out a detailed video summarizing this more in depth, feel free to watch it directly below.

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