How to Ship into Amazon FBA

Today we're going to cover how to ship products into Amazon FBA for beginners. This is a full step by step tutorial for anyone that needs to learn how to send their items (arbitrage, private label, wholesale, etc...) into Amazon Warehouses to get all the benefits that comes with team up with "fulfillment by amazon" services.

As a small Business owner that sells products online, leveraging Amazon's distribution, customer service, & employees is not only smart, often it's necessary to compete.

In Short, the process goes like this...

1.Add your specific products to your Amazon Seller Account inventory (if you're sending in products you already have in amazon warehouses replace step 1 with "send/replenish inventory").

2.Convert all the units you want to send in to fulfilled by amazon.

3.Add the dangerous good information (most of the time & for most products, it's all "no's").

4.Create a new shipping plan (or if you're adding more/different products to a shipment you haven't sent yet, you would hit "add to existing shipping plan & select that specific shipping plan).

5.Choose individual packed products (for most people).

6.Key in the certain quantity of units for each of your SKUs.

7.Choose who preps (for all my shipments I elect to prep myself otherwise amazon will charge you per product to prep). I select "merchant preps" then "no prep needed" for every SKU.

8.Select who labels (I always choose to label my own products otherwise Amazon will charge you 20 cents per unit to label them - if you don't mind paying that per unit & would rather save the time, you can choose to have amazon label your products for you. Although, keep in mind that will add time to when your products go fully live).

9.Click print labels.

10.Insert your avery label sheets face down into your printer (assuming you're using a normal printer)...(unless you'd prefer to just tape paper labels on to your products, which I don't recommend).

11.Print & place labels on the corresponding products.

12.Approve the shipments Amazon includes.

13.Enter the weight & dimensions of each box.

14.Pay your bill for that box.

15.Print the labels for that box & label your boxes.

16.Hit continue then hit "complete shipment" which will then prompt you to be able to choose the next box in your shipment (if there is one)....then simply repeat that process.

17.Drop boxes off at UPS or schedule a pickup.

18.Amazon receives your inventory & you manage it in seller central.

And that's the process in a nutshell. If you'd prefer to follow along visually & learn how to ship into FBA that way, you can watch the video directly below.

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