How to Run a Profitable Online Business by Yourself Right from Your Computer

I get asked this question all the time from aspiring Entrepreneurs so I figured I'd tackle it once & for all to show what works for me.

Hopefully you can take something insightful from my Business Model & apply it to your own Business.

There are two main sides of my Business...and keep in mind they're related.

The first side is the reselling side. That side is broken down into two sides, as well (FBA & my own fulfillment). I resell products online on sites like Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, & Mercari for a quick ROI. Then I continuously multiply my money over & over again by sourcing quality products I know will sell for more money than I spent to purchase them.

By doing your own fulfillment & distribution you can keep your profit margins very high. Although, when you use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) you can leverage Amazon's distribution, customer service, warehouse storage, employees time, etc... That's one of the easiest ways for a single person Business to scale.

Both have their benefits & drawbacks. I know people that stick to one or the other, but I honestly enjoy both.

This type of Business is more cashflow oriented & you are still trading your time for money, but it's what I like & I'm good at. And really, that's what I recommend most people focus on.

The second side is where I create content. That content comes in the form of videos & courses teaching the skills & insight I've learned during my Entrepreneurship journey.

This side is also broken down into 2 sides. The first side is where I upload courses & videos to stand alone 3rd party platforms to make money & ad revenue. Those platforms include Udemy, Skillshare, Stack Commerce, Amazon Prime Video, & YouTube. These forms of content also push leads into my main info products, which is on the other side of the Content Business.

I have 3 main info products on my website. They're hosted on teachable. The first is a subscription based program where you can subscribe for $11 per month & get access to all my Courses (60+). You can stay on as long as you'd like or simply hop on for a month & take as many as you'd like, then cancel. You control how you consume the info & what you get out of it.

The second & third are two of my info products that go in depth on how I setup each side of my Business & make money. The first is my most expensive product Online Arbitrage Pro (detailing the reselling side of my business & how you can replicate my results). The second is Content Creation Pro which details how I rank Courses & Videos on all the stand alone 3rd party websites for passive income & how you can too.

And that folks, is how I run a profitable online Business by myself right from my laptop...and how you can too!

If you're interested in watching a video breakdown on it, you can check it out directly below.

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