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How to Make Money Reselling Textbooks on Amazon

In this article we're going to cover how you can make 6 figures simply flipping textbooks from random websites…on to amazon.

Not only have I done this myself, but I’ve also taught many other people to do the same thing.

If you know where to buy them cheaply, you can flip textbooks over and over for a profit.

And the best part about this is….you don’t even need to go to thrift stores, go out and scan books for hours, or even leave your home.

There is software out there that will scan the internet and find books that are selling on amazon for 1 price….but are listed on other sites for much much cheaper.

Then, you can decide if you want to go ahead and buy them…so you can resell them on amazon.

Now, the best time to get into book flipping is right before a “textbook” season.

Textbook seasons are the times when students find out what textbooks they need for their classes…and then hop online (mainly on amazon) to order them.

Fall textbook season begins in mid-July and goes through mid-October. Peak textbook sales are generally the week before Labor Day.

Spring textbook season begins mid-December and goes through early February. Peak textbook sales are generally the first two weeks of January.

So now is a great time to learn this and get into it because...

  1. You’ll be hitting the end of a textbook season window

  2. The very next best time to buy books Is coming up soon