6 Hacks that Make Me More Productive Everyday

With everything going on, I think it’s more important than ever to have a routine & stay productive. You want to make sure you’re still setting goals & you still have a purpose to get up every morning. So, assuming everyone already

has that covered, today we’re going to talk about 6 hacks that have made me more productive. Anyone can implement these today & start seeing the results from them. #1. Intermittent Fasting. For those of you that don’t know what intermittent fasting is, it’s basically just fasting for a portion of the day & then allowing yourself a certain window of time to eat all your calories within. For me specifically, I wake up around 6:30-7am. Then I fast til noon. Then I’m able to eat my allotted calories for the day until 8pm & then I fast until I go to bed. This is how most people usually do it too, but keep in mind that you can implement many variations of this. There are some ACTUAL proven benefits to it that can really help increase your productivity. First & foremost, if you can get past the initial few days of acclimating to it, you’ll stop constantly getting hungry & having to stop working to go eat something (however small). Furthermore, science has shown that by not waking up & eating simple carbohydrates every morning for breakfast (which is what most people do), you’ll have more consistent energy throughout the day b/c you won’t get that immediate insulin spike in the morning. #2. Listen to Classical Music I use an app called classical radio. But you can also simply listen to classical music on YouTube…or another app a lot of people love is This helps you focus when you’re working. And there’s actually a number of studies out there that have shown low background classical music helps you maintain focus….b/c it doesn’t require you to consciously listen it, but it keeps the subconscious part of your brain busy so you’re not getting distracted or bored while working. #3 Planning Tomorrow Today & Prioritizing Tasks It’s not enough to simply create a check list of things to get done the next day….then slowly cross them off the list as you accomplish them. The reason for this is b/c all tasks are not equal. I used to do this myself & I would go through days feeling like I accomplished things & was getting a lot done…only to look back at the week in hindsight & think to myself….”I really didn’t accomplish that much & I should’ve gotten a lot more done.” See, we all like to feel busy. We’ve been sold this myth that the busier you are the more successful you are….but that’s far from the case. So, instead of filling your day with trivial tasks to keep busy. Plan your day & execute tasks in the order of their importance. Ask yourself “if I only got one thing done today, what would I want that one thing to be?”….then do that first. Once you’re done, cross that off your list & re-ask yourself the same question, “if I only got one of these things done today, what would I want that one thing to be?” Then do that thing next. #4. Do Not Disturb & No Push Notifications The truth is most people are unproductive b/c they let little things constantly distract them. It becomes a death by a thousand cuts scenario. I’ve done a video specifically on this in the past. You can watch it here, if you’re interested. #5. Time Block I use an app called “forest” to increase my productivity & time block. This app is really cool b/c it really helps you time block to get stuff done. For example, let’s say you wanted to use the next hour to list all your inventory on ebay…or maybe you wanted to use it to write a script for your next video for example….you could setup the app to run for 1 hour. As that hour goes on, you can’t use your phone. If you can go the full amount of without exited the app, a virtual tree (or multiple trees depending on the time) grows. If you exit out of the app & give in to distraction & temptation, the virtual tree dies. For every virtual tree you can grow on the app, forest will donate enough money to get an ACUAL real life tree planted in a place that needs it. This is a really cool way to challenge yourself to remain undistracted, while doing something good for nature & our planet. #6. Shutting down work early. Now, you might be thinking “how does that make you more productive,” but it’s b/c I shut down early & turn off “work mode” that I’m able to enjoy time spent with my Girlfriend & recharge mentally. This helps me ease into relaxing & rest mode, which helps me fall asleep so much easier. It’s absolutely crucial to take breaks. It’s not healthy to hustle, hustle, hustle, & work 18 hour days every single day… even though that’s what we’ve been sold is the key to success. And if you’re anything like me & you have serious ambition & want great things in your life…then you probably WANT to work from sun up to sun down super hard. But all that’s going to do is lead to burn out & trouble sleeping. I can think of so many nights in my early entrepreneur days where I would lye awake at night tossing & turning b/c I couldn’t turn my mind off from thinking of new ways to improve my business. Sound familiar? For a lot of you this is probably the case. And I remember it all too well, myself. But it’s b/c you’re in this perpetual state of work mode that you never really get a chance to pull out if, to recharge, to come back stronger the next day. So, there you go, 6 hacks that help me be more productive everyday. Hope they help! If you want to watch the video breakdown of this, you can do so directly below.

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