5 Tips to Help You Sell More on eBay

Amazon is certainly THE eCommerce giant today.

That said, you want to diversify your selling platforms. You never want to fully attach your Business to just one.

So today we're going to touch on 5 tips that will help you sell more on eBay, Amazon's biggest competitor.

Tip #1: List your prices higher than you expect to sell them

By doing this you can collect people on the watch list for that item. Then, to prompt more sales, you want to drop the price 5% so that those people get notified. Boom, more sales on eBay.

Tip #2: Do product research first before sourcing items for eBay

This will help you understand what has a better chance to sell ahead of time & for what potential prices. You can search using the product name on eBay, then sort by "sold & completed listings" (check the boxes on the left) to see what's ACTUALLY sold (not what's listed). Then you want to hit "sell one like this" when listing yours so you can copy the specs/product listing info that helped that product get more visibility on the eBay Marketplace.

Tip #3: Get the “fast & free” badge on your listings

This is a lot like amazon prime badge. eBay says their data indicates it Increases your sales by %11. The way you can get this badge is to offer free shipping & make sure your handling time is 1 day or same day.

Then, by converting a lot more of the eBay customers that see your listing, you'll get a consistent sales increase. Remember you're not just competing with other items on eBay. You're competing with other items throughout the entirety of the internet...& people expect fast turnover & handling times, as well as free shipping today.

Tip #4: Sell items for no profit or a lot cheaper than you want to

I know this goes directly against tip #1, which was to list your products for higher prices to create a sense of urgency & value when you drop them down eventually....but, as you accumulate more sales (with cheaper products), you'll get more positive feedback.

This will then start a positive snowball effect because as you do accumulate more positive feedback, it will allow you to sell more items at a higher price in the future. This is because people won’t necessarily think twice about buying as much when you’re a trusted seller, as opposed to a seller without much positive sales history. Positive Seller feedback makes a huge difference on eBay so buyers can buy with trust & confidence. So don't sleep on accumulating feedback (whatever the cost).

Tip #5: Invest in quality shipping supplies

DON'T ship items in re-purposed Amazon Boxes. DON'T ship items in household boxes (ex. Shoe boxes). This is something I see a lot of beginners doing. And, I get it. It's the cheapest option. But it's a mistake.

Instead, buy envelopes or boxes strictly for the purpose of shipping eBay items. It’ll increase your customer satisfaction rate, increase your positive feedback, & make you look more professional as a seller. If you take your business seriously, so will your customers. If you don’t, they won’t either.

You can also use priority mail boxes that you can get free from USPS (dot) com too. Just keep in mind that while you can get them for free, you will have to pay priority mail shipping prices (which usually is slightly higher). This will get your items to customers A LOT faster than ground shipping & will result in A LOT happier customers. Basically, you’re over-delivering on their expected shipping times. And over delivering is the name of the game for success in any Business, whether it's an eBay Business or something else entirely. That's how you build long term trust, repeat customers, positive word of mouth, & get more sales.

So there you have it, 5 tips to sell more on eBay & grow your eCommerce Business. Hope it helps!

If you'd like to watch the video breakdown of these tips, you can do so below.

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