5 Tips to Be More Successful

So today I want to go over 5 tips that are going to make you more successful as an Entrepreneur. These come from my experiences over the past 3 years in my own Entrepreneurship journey. Hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes & take some of the things that have worked for me & apply them to your own business.

#1. Dress Well

That doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit everywhere, but it does mean you want to be conscious of how you’re dressing everyday. I’m not saying you can’t dress in what makes you comfortable & what you enjoy wearing, but I do want to caution you about falling into too much of a comfort zone.

And I’m sure this is super relatable for a lot of people that are working from right now due to what’s going on in the world currently….it’s really easy to start falling into the trap of wearing sweatpants & sweatshirt everyday simply b/c it’s comfortable & you’re never leaving the house.

Most entrepreneurs aren’t leaving the house that much either, but take it from me. Avoid the comfortable clothes. The more successful & productive you dress, the more successful & productive you’ll be. There are certainly outliers to this rule of course, but it’s true for most people…& it might be something you should implement in your own life.

#2. Diversify your Platforms

Just like you hear “diversify your income streams” all the time, it’s also important to diversify your platforms. This can be implemented in a number of forms & fashions & obviously it depends on what business model you’re implementing (some of them this might not apply to), but here’s two examples of how you could do it & why it might be important…

For instance, if you’re a reseller (like me), you shouldn’t just be selling on 1 platform. Now, I didn’t say you should specialize in selling on every platform, but you SHOULD be building up your seller accounts & learning other platforms.

I see too many sellers JUST selling on amazon…or JUST selling on eBay. But the issue with putting all your eggs in 1 basket like that is you don’t control that 3rd party platform. I’ve seen countless times where a seller is doing great on a platform like Amazon, they’re riding high, their profits are up, & then BAM! They get suspended.

Then they have no backup plan & no other way to move products & bring in revenue. Often times a suspension might not even be your fault & it can happen suddenly with no warning, but it could take you weeks or months to get your account back up….& in the meantime, you could be losing out on 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Another example of this would be Creating Courses or Content. I see a lot of people that create courses & just create them for a site like Udemy…..or just create them for a site like Skillshare.

But the same is true in this example too. Why would you just stick to one platform & risk getting suspended on that platform & losing your entire business, especially when it’s so easy to repurpose content for multiple platforms.

That goes for YouTubers as well. There are so many other sites you can upload your content to & monetize your videos elsewhere. If you want to learn how to do this on the scale I do, without much extra effort at all, you can try my Content Creation Pro Course which will teach you exactly this for free here.

#3. Choose your Mentors WISELY.

If you’re listening to the wrong people, you’re going to get bad advice…& you’re going to head in the wrong direction. This cripples entrepreneurs. And I can totally understand why it’s difficult to know who to follow these days when everyone is a self-proclaimed “expert”

I’ve never been the type of person to call people out or put other people down (even though there’s unfortunately a lot of people that probably need to be). The way I see it there’s 2 ways to build the tallest “building”…

1.      Build the tallest building

2.      Tear every other building down

I’ve never respected people that did the latter…& I choose to focus on building my own business & brand. That said, it is important to know who to follow & who you can trust. A few things I’d say to look out for is…

1.      Make sure the person you’re listening to ACTUALLY does the business they’re giving advice on. I know sooo many people that create videos & give advice on things they don’t actually do.

2.      Go with your gut > sometimes this is the best indicator

3.      Google them. Often if that person has wronged someone…or they’ve done something sketchy, you can find out about it online (now, this isn’t always the case, but it’s probably a good idea anyway).

You want to make sure you’re guarding who you follow & who you take advice from VIGILANTLY. If you follow the wrong people, you can just end up confused & heading in several directions at once.

#4. Build Your Business through Subtraction (NOT Addition)

In the beginning when you’re first starting out, you need to do pretty much everything in your business (from the most important things that bring in revenue, to the things that bring you low ROIs like posting on social media & customer service). But as you scale, you’ll have less time & it becomes more important to focus ONLY on the things that move your business forward.

There’s two main points I want to make about this….

1.      Avoid shiny object syndrome (this is typically referred to when people talk about switching business models), but I actually mean avoid it IN your business here. What I mean is the more things you add to your plate, the less you’ll be able to master & focus on the important things (remember as you scale it becomes about subtraction, not addition).

2.      As you scale your business, you have to be willing to outsource, automate, or create systems. That means don’t keep doing $10 an hour tasks as a solo entrepreneur unless you want to keep making $10 an hour

#5. DON’T Multitask

Multitasking has become a badge of honor for some reason & there’s this belief that people who are smarter & more capable have the ability to multitask. But multitasking doesn’t actually exist. When you attempt to do so, you’re really just constantly shifting your focus back & forth between tasks. This kills your productivity & just ensures you’re doing both things mediocrely.

So, that's 5 tips that will make you more successful. If you want to check out the video summary of this, you can do so directly below.

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