5 Mercari Tips that will help you sell more & make more money.

Today we’re going to talk about 5 Mercari Tips that will help you sell more & make more money.

Mercari is a super underrated eCommerce platform for sellers. It rivals the likes of eBay & Poshmark as the second best selling platform behind Amazon.

Now, it’s not quite eBay yet…but it’s well on it’s way to be. So, hop on this platform now (if you’re not already on it), use these tips, & start carving out your piece of this pie now while it’s still fresh.

Tip #1: List your Prices High

By listing your prices higher than normal…or higher than retail value, you’ll be able to accumulate more views & more likes. You’ll also be able to then use the most valuable tool Mercari gives sellers (the promote button).

If you list your price too low, not only will you miss out on a chance to sell your products for more, but you’ll also miss out on the chance to continue to promote to the people that have viewed & liked your listings in the future.

The reason for this is because Mercari only lets you promote until a certain price point where it’s no longer profitable for “THEM.”

So, by listing your prices higher you’ll…

1)     Get an opportunity to sell them for more profit

2)     Get an opportunity to promote more times over the lifespan of that listing

3)     Drive up the perceived value of your item (so that when you do make an offer through a promotion it there’s even more perceived value in that “sale”).

Tip #2: promote, promote, promote

Promoting my listings is the single best way I sell on Mercari.

Sure, every once & a while I list something & it sells right away because there was either high demand for that item on the marketplace or one of my followers saw it & wanted it.

But most of the time, I have to use the promote button to drive sales.

There’s two main ways to promote your listings on Mercari…

1)     Promote to the likers by making an offer lower than the listing price – this will send a notification to all likers on that listing that you’ve offered the item they’ve shown interest in for a lower price exclusively to them.

2)     Promote site wide – this drops your listing price permanently 5% lower than it’s current price, although the benefit of this is that Mercari will promote your listing across the platform to more people they believe might be interested in that listing.

Promoting to likers is a great way to drive sales. Promoting site wide is a great way to (potentially make sales), but more so to accumulate more likers & eyes on your listing so you can potentially sell it in the future.

None of this matters though, if you’ve already listed your item too low….because the higher you list your item, the more times you can use the promotions.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to list stuff for outrageous prices, but it does mean you want to list EVERYTHING higher than you believe it’s worth in the beginning. Then, use promotions to drive interest & sales.

Tip #3: Accumulate Reviews

Just like any eCommerce platform, the more social proof you have as a seller the easier it will be for you to sell. That means potentially selling stuff initially for less profit than you might want to just for the positive review.

The more reviews you accumulate, the higher you can price stuff & the less buyers will think twice about purchasing from you.

Don’t get me wrong, when I first started selling on Mercari I did make a profit on most items. Although, there were plenty of items I took ridiculously low offers on or sold for 0 profit because I understood that those sales would lead to more 5 star reviews.

Now, when most buyers come to my store they don’t think twice about purchasing ANYTHING because they see the social proof & they just innately trust.

This tip is super crucial no matter what platform you’re selling on.

Tip #4: Accumulate each of the seller badges

They also display on your store home page & will increase your store’s social proof on the platform.

These badges include:

1)     Member Since Badge: which isn’t really too important when you’re starting out, it just shows your store has been trustworthy for a while (assuming you’ve been selling for a while). You don’t have to worry about this one too much.

2)     Fast Responder Badge: to get this badge you’ll want to respond to all messages in a timely fashion. That doesn’t mean you have to have the app open every minute waiting for a message, but it does mean that when you see a push motivation you check it because it could be a message. The faster you respond to messages will not only give you this badge, but it will also result in more happy customers & better reviews.

3)     Quick Shipper Badge: pretty self-explanatory – customers like fast shipping. Do your best to ship items out the day they’re ordered (if you can’t do this then ship as fast as you possibly can).

4)     Reliable Badge: you can get this badge by having a large majority of your orders delivered to buyers. That means don’t cancel a lot of orders or have a lot of orders get “lost in the mail.” This is pretty easy to control & another one you should be able to get fairly easily.

Badges play a big part in customer trust on Mercari so if you can, try to get them.

Tip #5: Offer Free Shipping

I talk a lot about “offering more listing value than your competitors,” regardless if those competitors are on the same platform…or another.

That means you’re not only competing with other Mercari sellers for a sale, it means you’re competing against all other sellers selling a similar item EVERYWHERE.

Since companies like Amazon have reset the market & most buyers now expect fast free shipping, it would really make your listings more attractive if you also offered fast & free shipping.

So, there you have it, 5 Tips to Sell more on Mercari & Make More Money.

If you want to check out the video version of this article, you can watch it directly below.

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