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10 Books that Will Make You a Millionaire

Reading is a life hack. You can learn lessons it took smart people their entire lives to learn…in a matter of days.

That said, I do think sometimes we can get caught up in equating reading with success….which it is NOT. The goal of reading should be to learn lessons that you can then APPLY to your own life and business. So don’t read just for the sake of reading. Read with that end goal in mind.

Also, the 80/20 principle is very real in EVERY book too (even the best ones). You can get 80% of the valuable nuggets in just 20% of the pages. Once you understand that, you’ll realize you can often read a lot faster b/c you don’t need to comprehend everything about every single sentence…only the important ones.

Lastly, I’d rather read 1 great book this year than 100 mediocre books. So here’s 10 Books that will instill the mindset to make you a millionaire.

All of these are well worth the read. And out of the collection of books you see behind me, these ones are best. It doesn’t matter if you read them, listen them on audiobook, or have kindle read them to you….what matters is you’re able to apply lessons from them.

Book #1 is Atomic Habits. I can’t recommend this book enough.

It gets to core of why we do what we do. And how to program yourself to do the things you know you need to do….automatically. The way you do that is by controlling the habits you build. You shouldn’t have to consciously make the choice to repeatedly do important things. B/c once you build a habit…it becomes second nature. And anyone can build habits.

Book #2 and 3 are lumped together b/c I can sum them up with the same message. Buy and read them both.

The One Thing & Essentialism are 2 of the best books I’ve ever read….and they’re super applicable in today’s busy/noisy world. Basically they talk about doing what’s ACTUALLY important every day.

A lot of people make to do lists…but when you get down to the root of it, most of the things on that list AREN’T actually moving the boat forward.