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Details & FAQs

What kind of commission can I expect when I refer someone to purchase the Course?

  • 50% commission rate. That means if you refer someone for the current purchase price of $995 you will earn a commission of $497.50. If you refer someone that decides to instead purchase a payment plan, you would get a recurring commission of 50% for the lifetime of that buyer's plan.

How long do my "cookies" last in their browser so that I still get credit for the sale?

  • 7 Days

How do I get paid?

  • Teachable handles all payouts. You can see what you've earned & who you've referred in your affiliate dashboard. They pay you out through paypal 30 days after you refer someone (assuming that person is not refunded).

Are there any specific discounts I can setup for my followers, subscribers, & students to help them out?

  • Currently there is a special 40% discount on the Course that can be exclusively used for our Affiliate Partners, which would put it at $597 (meaning you would earn $298.50 for referring them & they would get a $398 discount!). To see how to set this up with your affiliate link watch the video tutorial below.

Should I be worried about recommending this Course in anyway? What happens if someone I recommend is unhappy with their purchase?

  • Neither of us want an unhappy student/customer & I'm constantly working to improve the Course content & experience for current & future students. The return rate/cancel rate is extremely low (indicating the vast majority of students love the Course). Currently it's just under 2%. That means that 98% of student love the Course & don't ask for a refund. I'm extremely proud of that. That said, if a student is unhappy with their purchase for any reason there is a full 30 day money back guarantee. They can cancel within the student portal or they can email me directly.

How can I join the Affiliate Program?

How can I get my affiliate link? How can I get my special 40% discount affiliate link?

  • You can learn how to easily get both of these by watching the short video below.

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How to Use Your Affiliate Dashboard & Generate Tracking Links

Copy the URL in red & paste it in your Link Generator inside your Affiliate Dashboard to get your special 40% off Affiliate Link:

How to Promote the Course & Make Money with the Affiliate Program

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