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You can Sell your Course on all these Platforms...

Standalone Marketplaces: Most of these you can simply upload your Courses to & there are already students on them looking to purchase Courses. You might need to rank each Course to really see success, but you don't need to market them too hardcore or buy advertising to get students

You should 100% try to upload your Courses to these

You should upload Courses here if you have time too (these are up & comers, could potentially pay you out substantially every month if they grow, but currently aren't paying that much)

  • Total Training

  • Teachlr

  • Creativelive

  • Eloquens

  • Skillup Academy

  • Edufyre

  • Taletwise

  • Sonar Learning

  • Learnyfly

  • Tusplus

  • Umathx


  • Edureka

  • Simplilearn

  • Airtract

  • Uthena


  • Knowledgehut

  • Opensesame

These are similar to Standalone marketplaces, but you often need to get invited or you need to apply.

  • Pluralsight

  • Fiverr Learn

  • Stone River Learning

  • Coursera

  • Linkedin Learning

  • Udacity

  • Edx

  • Khanacademy

  • Bloc

  • Codecacademy

  • Iversity

  • Generalassemply

  • Master Class

Self Hosted Platforms: You can upload your Courses to these websites & sell them there. The benefits are that you can charge more for your Courses, you have full control of your students, & you can customize your Courses + offer loads more customized value. The drawbacks are that you have to market your own Courses to sell them. This means you generally have to generate traffic with SEO, content marketing & videos (like YouTube), or run advertising to your site to actually make sales because there aren't many students on theses actively shopping for Courses.

  • Teachable (I use & recommend this - you can check out my teachable site here:

  • Thinkific

  • Kajabi

  • There are many others, but in my opinion these 3 are hands down the best.

Standalone Audio Platforms

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